“Sumo or Conventional? There is no better,” 3D Muscle Journey Podcast #180: Q&A

Wow. Lots of great stuff here from the 3DMJ folks today! Great information on balancing volume and frequency of training, protein goals and utilization, and exercise selection. I’m very excited to hear further discussion of how “goal focus can get in the way of goal achievement.” (25:00ish) I heard Eric make that comment last episode, and it felt true. (Woohoo, confirmation bias!) He links observations on this with research on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (motivated by internalized reasons, like enjoyment of a process, versus externalized reasons, like reaching a new lifting max).

Overall, I really love the clear 3DMJ philosophy of focusing on mental flexibility and making training fit to our individual needs and lifestyles. (And LOL, the new music behind their 3DMJ Vault ad sounds like it belongs in an adult film!) It’s so appreciated to hear bodybuilders talk about having a healthy relationship with the sport and the ongoing mindset work necessary to keep it in balance.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!

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