“I’m a capybara,” Stronger By Science Podcast–Calorie Restriction, Protein Restriction, App Updates (Episode 67)

Research Review(1)
A poem

Dear listener
I’m going to try to keep it a bit snappy
I don’t think of myself as an insect
Am I a mouse? Pretty much.
The best rodent on the planet

Humans are not insects and they are not rodents
(I agree with you)
(When I say you, I mean mice)
The hunger is persistent
one of the drawbacks of the rodent literature
He’s a Pontzer collaborator
which is awful.
Just put me in the ground at 70

Baby capybaras, they’re so cute
(I’m just trying to slide in with capybara takes)

The moral of the story
we would be particularly long-lived birds
we’re not mice
Those things are so cute
they don’t get less hungry

(I liked it;
I got to talk about capybaras.)

(1) These are all quotes, admittedly completely out of order and out of context, from this week’s SBS Research Review on caloric restriction, protein restriction and lifespan. The whole conversation struck me as funny and weirdly poetic, so I’d thought I’d share.

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