“A lot of this is highly individual,” Unhealthy Eating Habits, Alan Thrall

It seems kinda mean to post this video on the same day I reposted my amazing Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting recipe, but hey, it’s my birthday. I can do what I want. And besides, it’s kinda like I’m following in the footsteps of those Women’s World magazines in the cashier aisles of the grocery store–How to Lose 10 pounds this Month! right next to Our Best Chocolate Cake Ever! And it apparently works for them, so why not me?(1)

What I like about this video is that it does what a lot of nutrition advice from the fitness world fails to do–it acknowledges that there are systems in place that impact our eating choices, and it attempts to address what may be in our control within those systems. Most advice from bros boils down to macro and calorie breakdowns, as if all we need to know is how much to eat to meet our goals and then poof! our problems are solved. But, Alan acknowledges there are many factors completely out of our control, and then focuses on something we have some control over–our goals, our action plans, and our eating environments. There are many practical tips in the video, and to what degree they are impactful for someone is likely to vary quite a bit depending on the individual. And I like that he acknowledges that, too.

What I don’t love about this video is watching other people shove chips, pizza, hot dogs and cookies in their mouths. I find it kind of gross and weirdly, it simultaneously makes me want some brownies. I’m not sure it helps me make better food decisions. Personally, I don’t watch the Great British Bake-Off while I’m trying to redefine my relationship with desserts. I’m better off waiting until things have settled into a new normal. Other than that, there isn’t much I objected to here. I wonder if it’s enough to really give someone a leg up if they’re not sure where to start? I get that it’s a tough topic to cover in an 8 minute video, but if I were feeling lost in our diet culture bullshit society, I’d be afraid it wouldn’t feel like enough for someone to take to heart. No really, you don’t have to eat only meat and vegetables–start slowly by just focusing on eating only at mealtimes, and eat enough so you’re satisfied but hungry in time for the next meal. Most folks don’t know it can be that boring and simple to make meaningful changes. Hopefully Alan introduces more of these ideas to his audience over time so that they can develop a more nuanced understanding of how to eat in a more consistently healthy manner.

Did you watch the video? Have ideas on how to better introduce healthy physique management to bro culture in 8-minutes or less? You KNOW I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below or find and follow Progressive Strength on Facebook, and join the conversation over there!

(1) Please read this in the completely facetious tone in which it was intended. Obviously there’s major issues with Women’s World and other publications targeting women promoting fad diets alongside decadent recipes, images of White women in now-too-big-pants alongside cute Halloween ghost cupcakes. I find the juxtaposition ironic and funny, even while it’s clearly deeply problematic.

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