Vote with Your Wallet–an Evidence-Based Gift Guide

I consume a lot of free content.

Podcasts, blog posts, interviews, youtube videos–They’re a huge way I entertain myself, keep informed and feel connected to the world of lifting and fitness nutrition.

And I want the folks I love and support to keep doing their thing. So, I vote with my wallet. When I need a new program, I buy an ebook from someone I trust. I’ve completed several programs from Nia Shanks, and I think she’s got some of the smartest programming out there. I’ve also purchased books and programs from Bret Contreras, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, and Jen Sinkler. For my next program, I’m considering something from Jeff Nippard or the Barbell Medicine crew.

When I gave MacroFactor a look-see, I decided buying a yearlong subscription was a way to give the Stronger By Science folks some love. A few years ago, I bought their lifting templates (one of the best programming bargains out there, offered on a sliding scale for as little as $10).

I don’t know how many times I’ve considered getting a subscription to MASS. Honestly, the only thing stopping me is I’d want to buy a lifelong membership if I bought it at all, and I can’t quite talk myself into committing to the lump sum. (I recognize this is flawed thinking, but somehow I know that if I subscribe to MASS for the lower monthly rate, time will inevitably pass and I will wish I’d just bitten the bullet and gone for the lifetime membership. All those back issues to peruse. . . )

I’ve purchased lessons out of the 3DMJ Vault. And I own entirely too many of the hilarious t-shirt designs from Omar Isuf’s company, Raskol Apparel. (I proudly wear this “Diet Starts Never” shirt to work and get many comments from my students and fellow educators!)

Recently I bought a t-shirt (this awesome one that says “Nevertheless She Lifted) from Eat, Train, Progress because Patrick Umphrey does such an amazing job creating an inclusive online fitness space.

And after listening to their podcast for several years, I committed to purchasing the resources and joined the Balance 365 community. I haven’t chosen to join coaching so far, and honestly, I feel like I’m gaining a lot without coaching, but it feels good knowing I’m staying connected to a community of women focused on evidence-based, healthy approaches to eating and nutrition.

I want to believe that these purchases help keep these resources out there for all of us–supporting the evidence-based fitness community so they can continue to create content, do research, and improve training for all of us. It’s an uphill battle against the louder voices, telling us what we want to hear in short, easy-to-digest packages. Nuanced thinking simply doesn’t sell as well. So, I try to do what I can to counterbalance that reality, and when I buy something from someone with integrity, we both benefit!

How about you? What is something great you’ve purchased from an evidence-based fitness or nutrition resource? I’d love to hear about it! Please comment below or you can help push back against the evil algorithms controlling our lives and find and follow Progressive Strength on Facebook.

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