“Reducing your suffering is the point,” Breaking Up with Binge Eating Podcast, Dec. 20, 2021–Sugar, Sweetness and Self Compassion

I have big love for Georgie Fear, and although I don’t need to “break up with binge eating,” I listen to her podcast anyway. She’s got great ideas and practical tools for dealing with all kinds of emotional eating, not just binge eating. I’ve been following her long enough to notice a shift this last year in what she’s been sharing and how she seems to be thinking about these issues, including how they apply to her own life. In an earlier episode about eating and trauma, she shared that she’s come to realize that she also has PTSD, and in today’s episode, she connects the idea of self-compassion to her own thinking as well. I appreciate her transparency, and I find it exceptionally helpful to “watch” a professional with so many skills apply these skills to their own lives–both in seeing the strengths and the challenges. It makes the process more human and helps me let go of the perfectionism I can tend towards when I’m working on self-improvement.

So, today’s example of this is about self-compassion, and if you would benefit from having some concrete examples of what self-compassion can sound like in your own mind, you get that here. Georgie reflects on how her own internal dialogue can be more compassionate and provides advice on how we can incorporate more self-compassion into our own thinking. Whether or not emotional eating is a challenge for you, I believe any sustainable habit change needs to begin with self-compassion. Punishment and self-harm are ineffective motivators for the long run, and besides, we’re all deserving of kindness.

If you give the episode a listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions about it! Please comment below and share this post with a friend! Thanks!

Sugar, Sweetness, and Self Compassion


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