“Single by choice,” The Food Medic Podcast, EPISODE 7 – Diet culture and the highs and lows of being a person online with Lucy Mountain

I have this hypothesis that rejecting society’s standards in one aspect of our lives makes it easier to do so in others. If you reject diet culture, the assumption that our value is based at least in part on our body size and the solution to feeling undervalued is to do extreme things in order to become a smaller size, then you are likely to find yourself rejecting other norms as well. Feminism and anti-diet culture are natural fits, and this seems so obvious, I assume there’s some sociologist out there right now telling me “Well, duh,” as they read this.

What may be less of an obvious connection is the one between being anti-diet and learning to reject the narrative that women need a partner to be happy. Or that everyone who starts a family is happy with that decision. Or to have the self-confidence to start our own creative and business pursuits and to take on the label of Founder and CEO. But what you hear in this interview with Lucy Mountain is exactly that–you witness the clear line between her learning to reject diet culture for herself, and the expansion of her beliefs about herself and how she pursues a healthy, happy, productive life.

Lucy Mountain is an Instagram influencer, founder and developer of an anti-diet fitness app, and a happy, single, childless woman of 29. She is also an entrepreneur and business owner, although she avoids using those terms for herself. During this conversation, she recognizes that she doesn’t feel like she has the necessary gravitas, and that she genders the terms as cold, serious and masculine. You can hear her questioning these assumptions as she talks with Dr. Hazel, and it’s really wonderful. Honestly, I spent this entire episode wanting to exclaim YES! after nearly every sentence. I tend to limit my social media consumption, and I don’t yet have an Instagram account. Hearing this has almost convinced me to get one.

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