Weekend Food Prep–Quick Masaman-Style Curry Sauce

I love Masaman Curry, but the way it is usually served in Thai restaurants, with large quantities of that delicious, rich sauce, makes it a special occasion food for me. I created this recipe to give me that wonderful flavor without totally throwing off my eating away from my preferences for the day. This would make an excellent variation of Boxed Lunch, to pack and enjoy all week long.

Quick Masaman-Style Curry Sauce

one. Heat a medium-sized heavy pan over medium heat. When hot, add:
1 can Maesri Masaman Curry Paste (4 oz.) or similar product

Photo description: A yellow can of Maesri Masaman Curry Paste, my personal favorite brand. I buy it at the local Korean market.

two. Stir it around for a while until fragrant. Pour in and stir to combine:
1 15 oz. can coconut milk(1)
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/4 tsp cardamom powder

three. Heat through. Give the sauce a taste, and adjust the flavorings a bit with the following, if desired:
for more sour, add 1-2 tsp. tamarind paste
for sweeter, add 1-3 tsp. sugar
for saltier, add 1 tsp. fish sauce

four. Bring the sauce to a low simmer and plop in:
1-2 diced potatoes (optional)
2 thinly sliced or diced carrots (optional)
1 small, diced onion (optional)

five. If adding vegetables, simmer until they are just tender. Serve with precooked chicken breast or other protein of choice, steamed rice and vegetables.

Yields: 10-12 servings the way I use it (about 3 tbs sauce without vegetables per serving), but it will depend on how much you like to drizzle over your plate!

(1) I prefer to use full fat coconut milk and then just reduce how much total sauce I’m spooning over my meal, but it would probably be fine to use reduced fat. Since I’m not typically serving it with other significant sources of fat in my meal, I enjoy letting the curry sauce play that part of my balanced plate.

Photo description: Masaman curry sauce drizzled over broccoli, cauliflower, chicken breast and brown rice, all sitting on a golden-orange plate. It’s not the most beautiful food you ever saw, but it tastes great!

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