YouTube Round-up, mid-March

Bert wants us to evaluate the physiques of some semi-nude dudes from 10 years ago. Ok, I love this video, but like (nearly) always, I’m so wishing there was another version with some ladies included as well. I’ve been a fan of bodybuilding as a sport for a long time, and in this video, Bert pauses the frame during the Muscle Mayhem pose-off and really breaks down what we’re seeing and how the physiques are being evaluated. I think it’s amazing; the bodies are beautiful, and the time and sacrifice is undeniable. I don’t personally find this sort of thing triggering because there’s no part of me that holds myself to this sort of standard. My level of detachment is about the same as it is for watching folks judge the udders of dairy cattle at the state fair. But, if you find yourself doing comparison games, maybe skip this one.

Alan Thrall wants us to “adjust the dial,” and stop skipping our workouts. He wants us to build habits and to reinforce our identity as someone who trains. I’ve got no complaints or quibbles about this one. Regular readers will know I’m doing this all the time, adjusting my workout intensity to whatever health challenges and other stressors I’m dealing with in the moment. However, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m always cutting back, when do I need to kick myself in the butt and turn up the dial again? This video won’t give me guidance on that one, unfortunately. So, for now I’m stuck hoping that at some point it will just seem right to push hard again.

Omar wants us to focus on the skills and behaviors we need to build success rather than on the endpoint we’re hoping we’ll achieve. He focuses the video on the click-baity topic of bodyweight and physique change, but I think the point is broader to any kind of fitness and health pursuit. “Losing 10 pounds” isn’t a behavior, it’s an outcome. “Deadlifting 300 pounds” isn’t something I can force to happen, either. The habits and behaviors that will stabilize my nutrition or maximize my deadlift needs to be the goal. And it’s usually missing from these discussions that how we get there matters. I’m glad Omar tries to interject some deeper thinking into the online bro space; there’s more work to do.

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