“There’s more to this bodybuilding thing than getting jacked and tanned,” 3DMJ Ep. #203: The Unexpected Ways Bodybuilding Makes You Stronger

What is the deeper learning that can come from healthy relationship with bodybuilding? Lifting weights consistently, learning the skills that allow us to push hard, to be organized and committed for years at a time, to play the long game, these are some of the wins that can transfer from bodybuilding to the rest of our lives.

This intimate conversation between Alberto and Amanda explores these ideas in their own lives and encourage us all to do the deep work to find those connections for ourselves. Honestly, I don’t usually enjoy the conversations with Amanda Rizzo, as when she’s talking about her practice, it can sound pretty awkward. My guess is it’s really hard to generalize a mental health practice geared towards individuals into safely generalizable statements. I’ve noticed that Georgie Fear does a great job of this in her Breaking up with Binge Eating podcast, but my guess is that this comes from years of practice, asking herself “how can I take this example and turn it into something useful for more people?”

In any case, I enjoyed this conversation. It felt like hearing two old training buddies explore what they’ve gained from years of doing the work at the gym. What have YOU gained from your time under the bar? You know, I’d always love to hear from you.

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