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Hello! My name is Marjorie, and I’m an avid, evidence-based fitness enthusiast, and I want to make the world a more empowered, healthier place for everyone. I created Progressive Strength for like-minded folks to explore ideas and share resources as we learn from one another.

Fitness and diet have been realms of dangerous and damaging pseudoscience from the beginning. I’m looking to shine a light on the alternatives–folks who are using the best resources we have–science and thoughtful experience–to create healthy habits that actually help us be healthier individually and as a society.

We are living through dark times when facts and critical thinking are less valued by some over tribalism and cult-like followings of certain leaders. Implicit in a science-based approach is a willingness to disagree, to push boundaries, to be curious, and to sometimes go against current norms. It is the antithesis of easy binaries like us versus them. And maybe, must maybe, if we can train ourselves to be more thoughtful in our approaches to healthy lifestyle, we can also learn to be more thoughtful in how we consume information in other realms of our lives. For too long, pseudoscience has been used as a tool of oppression. Let’s counter that cultural tendency with radical acts of open communication and idea sharing. Let’s co-create new fitness and health cultures that are truly welcoming and accepting to all people, that gives all of us the tools and empowerment to live our healthiest lives.

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