Weekend Food Prep–Raspberry Streusel Coffeecake with Greek Yogurt

Yay for berry season! I’ve bragged before about how privileged I am for living in the part of the world where we can enjoy fresh, local berries for months out of the summer. This morning, some of those berries are being turned into this luscious breakfast, snack or dessert option. one. Preheat the oven toContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep–Raspberry Streusel Coffeecake with Greek Yogurt”

Weekend Food Prep–Chewy Raisin Walnut Granola Bars

I’m thrilled with these granola bars! I’ve been experimenting for years to make bars that stick together without being excessively crunchy and crumbly, have a reasonable nutrition profile that I can work into my balanced meals and stay fresh and tempting for at least a week. And here they are–voila! Summer means travel, road tripsContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep–Chewy Raisin Walnut Granola Bars”


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