Weekend Food Prep: “Guilt-Free” Cream Cheese Shortcake

*shudders* Ok, I hope all my regular readers know me better than to believe that the following recipe follows any kind of food rules, avoiding whatever supposedly ails us this month so that we can fit it into whatever arbitrary restrictions we’ve decided to impose upon ourselves! You know how you make dessert guilt-free? YouContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep: “Guilt-Free” Cream Cheese Shortcake”

Weekend Food Prep: Tamale Pie

Sometimes you want a meal that all you have to do is scoop and eat. This is one of those–a complete meal with a good balance of ingredients to keep you satisfied and nourished. All of the amounts can be varied by taste and what is available. The original version of this recipe is foundContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep: Tamale Pie”

Weekend Food Prep: Travel-Friendly Foods that Support Your Goals on a Road Trip

Warm weather, COVID vaccines and the wide open road! My spouse and I have decided that the safest way to enjoy summer travel this year is to keep to our car and explore the outdoor spaces in driving distance of our home. Lucky for us, we live in a beautiful part of the world! ButContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep: Travel-Friendly Foods that Support Your Goals on a Road Trip”

Weekend Food Prep: Neil’s Famous Chicken

I eat like a bro about 80% of the time–lots of chicken, brown rice, and oatmeal in the weekly mix! I also prefer to plan and prep the majority of my meals in advance. This weekend, I’m making a favorite chicken preparation, made “famous” by my dad, Neil. This marinade has a wonderful mix ofContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep: Neil’s Famous Chicken”