The power to decide

I’m feeling ready to begin work towards bodybuilding-type goals again, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit conflicted. Can I add more intensity and/or volume to my training without overdoing it and triggering my PTSD? Can I work towards some fat loss in a healthy way that honors the lifeContinue reading “The power to decide”

To the New Year’s Resolutioner Looking to Change Their Body

Let me begin by saying that you are beautiful, valuable, and wonderful just as you are. Your body does not need to change to be good enough. You do not need to change your body to be good enough. You already are good enough. And I want to say that it’s ok and possible toContinue reading “To the New Year’s Resolutioner Looking to Change Their Body”

“Don’t make it about weight loss,” Barbell Medicine Ep. #194: September 2022 Research Review

Imagine two scenarios: in one, a patient goes to the doctor and exhibits high blood pressure, and the doctor prescribes a medication and says in passing, “oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to start exercising.” In the second scenario, the doctor sits the patient down, discusses the pros and cons of starting medication right away andContinue reading ““Don’t make it about weight loss,” Barbell Medicine Ep. #194: September 2022 Research Review”

Moving towards a more compassionate lifting culture

I have this vision. I want to believe we can create a space that marries two worlds–on one side, the world of bodybuilding and strength training and on the other side, the compassionate, values-driven world of habit-based nutrition and wellness. Bodybuilding and strength training have so many wonderful things to give–empowerment through literal increases inContinue reading “Moving towards a more compassionate lifting culture”

#TBT: “Is there a place for me?” 3DMJ Podcast #195: Is Natural Bodybuilding Viable?

Why are folks drawn to extremes and what can we do to make bodybuilding, an extreme sport, a little healthier? I explore these ideas, and what I suspect are some of the gender differences that add nuance to the conversation, in this post about the folks at 3DMJ discussing the viability of natural bodybuilding. IContinue reading “#TBT: “Is there a place for me?” 3DMJ Podcast #195: Is Natural Bodybuilding Viable?”

“There is no going back,” Iron Culture Podcast, Ep. 167- The Resurrection of a Powerlifter (ft. Mike Tuchscherer)

Gotta say, I’ve enjoyed this conversation more than most of the recent episodes of Iron Culture. I like it when the guys get other folks with new perspectives on the show to broaden the conversation. Without out it, in my opinion, especially on the science-focused conversations, Eric can get a little mansplainy, and I missContinue reading ““There is no going back,” Iron Culture Podcast, Ep. 167- The Resurrection of a Powerlifter (ft. Mike Tuchscherer)”

You can choose to NOT change

What if I decide to NOT work on that right now? The moment I thought the thought, I was flooded with a sense of relief. I’d decided to be ok with letting things be what they are for now, and it felt good. As the social media cliché goes, I don’t know who needs toContinue reading “You can choose to NOT change”

Lifting with My Inner Rebel

I’ve been trying something new with my training lately. Sometimes, when I’m not feeling inspired to do what I’ve planned to do, I’ve been ignoring my programming and doing whatever the fuck feels good. Not all of the time, not every workout, but when I want to do something but that little voice in myContinue reading “Lifting with My Inner Rebel”

YouTube Round-up, mid-March

Bert wants us to evaluate the physiques of some semi-nude dudes from 10 years ago. Ok, I love this video, but like (nearly) always, I’m so wishing there was another version with some ladies included as well. I’ve been a fan of bodybuilding as a sport for a long time, and in this video, BertContinue reading “YouTube Round-up, mid-March”

What would you want if you let go of shame?

Shame is a shit motivator. Loads of research has found that instead of inspiring people to quit smoking, lose weight, be more patient parents, whatever, it instead pushes them into a loop of self-loathing and self-punishment followed by reactive over-correction for short periods of time. Shame is the cornerstone of large-scale diet and fitness industryContinue reading “What would you want if you let go of shame?”