Community Norms and Comment Policy

Progressive Strength is for all athletes who are interested in improving their health and fitness in ways that are not harmful to themselves or others.

Community Norms

Each athlete is granted the autonomy and respect to find their own path. What is right for one person may not be right for another. It is encouraged to use phrases like, “if it were me . . .” and “from my experience,” in order to acknowledge these variances of experience. This is a body size neutral environment–it is ok to want to change your size, it is ok to not want to change your size. Body size and fat loss can be emotionally charged topics. Be kind to yourself and each other. Science is an ever-changing process, exploring and refining as we gain more data points. We are here to do our best to adhere to this model–exploring and refining our ideas as we gain more information. Honor that intention in our discussions. I acknowledge that it can be tricky to tell the difference between good information and bad, and it is my intent to give people the benefit of the doubt as they explore ideas; however, diet culture, pseudoscience, food cults and the like will be summarily disregarded as bullshit.

A note about trigger warnings and content warnings: The purpose of these warnings is to give choice to people who struggle with certain kinds of content and to give them the opportunity to prepare themselves before they encounter it. It is not my goal to make this a space free from all challenging material, but I will do my best to give fair warning when something might be sensitive, and it isn’t obvious from the topic/title.

Comment Policy

Comments that break norms will will be deleted.

Do not give advice unless it is requested.

No self-promotion. Comments including links to your own blog/products/etc. will be deleted, unless cleared with me first.

It is ok to disagree; it isn’t ok to be an asshole about it. Show a willingness to listen and consider other points of view. If your goal is to tell people they’re wrong and dumb, go anywhere else on the internet and do it there.

Comments perceived as sexist, ableist, racist, ageist, homophobic/transphobic/anti-queer, sizeist, or otherwise harmful to individuals or groups will not be tolerated, and I will not have a public discussion with you as to why it is problematic. If you want to message me privately for an explanation, we may talk about it that way, if you convince me that you’re actually confused.

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