The Importance of Inclusive Examples

How do I color like a 4-year-old? The question perplexed me. I was fourteen, working my first “real” job at a daycare center, and I’d been given the instruction that when I join them for creative tasks, I was to protect the children’s self-esteem by not working too far ahead of their abilities. So, asContinue reading “The Importance of Inclusive Examples”

YouTube Round-up, mid-March

Bert wants us to evaluate the physiques of some semi-nude dudes from 10 years ago. Ok, I love this video, but like (nearly) always, I’m so wishing there was another version with some ladies included as well. I’ve been a fan of bodybuilding as a sport for a long time, and in this video, BertContinue reading “YouTube Round-up, mid-March”

YouTube Round-up, late February

Alan wants us (by which I think he means men and male-identified people) to avoid the allure of taking exogenous hormones and learn how to progress by improving our training. (Honestly, it’s super-funny, but the joke lands a bit flat for me as someone who isn’t in the primary population of potential steroid users.) TheContinue reading “YouTube Round-up, late February”