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What is Progressive Strength?

Hi. I’m Marjorie, and I’m an evidence-based fitness enthusiast. Progressive Strength is a place for folks who are looking to explore strength and fitness ideas while pursuing their goals in ways that avoid doing harm to themselves or others. Let’s make the world a better place while getting jacked!

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Sustainable Fat Loss and the Power of AND

Fad diets don’t work for most people long-term AND that doesn’t mean sustainable fat loss isn’t possible for many people AND just because it’s sometimes possible doesn’t mean everyone with some “extra” body fat should be bothering to try to lose it. ALL of these can be true at the same time. Fad diets, including…

Weekend Food Prep–Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Bars

I love chocolate crinkle cookies, but all that refrigerating, shaping and rolling in powdered sugar makes a messy, time-consuming choice. Enter cookie bars–which save time by not having to shape each cookie or roll them in sugar and not needing to refrigerate the dough to make them easier to handle in the first place. I…

Bulk, Cut or Recomp–What can a habit-based approach look like?

For those of us who want bigger muscles and to be lean enough to see them, it can feel like chasing a golden unicorn. Muscles build better when eating in a surplus, but eating in a surplus means putting on some fat, too. Eating closer to maintenance gives us the option of staying in a…

Is Emotional Eating a Myth?

This is the first time I’ve been triggered by an episode of the Maintenance Phase Podcast. But, after several over-generalizations, including about PTSD research ironically, or maybe pointedly, I found myself so upset, I turned it off. It’s disappointing, because I think they are usually pretty mindful of their words and how they might impact…


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