Sustainable Fat Loss and the Power of AND

Fad diets don’t work for most people long-term AND that doesn’t mean sustainable fat loss isn’t possible for many people AND just because it’s sometimes possible doesn’t mean everyone with some “extra” body fat should be bothering to try to lose it. ALL of these can be true at the same time. Fad diets, includingContinue reading “Sustainable Fat Loss and the Power of AND”

Is Emotional Eating a Myth?

This is the first time I’ve been triggered by an episode of the Maintenance Phase Podcast. But, after several over-generalizations, including about PTSD research ironically, or maybe pointedly, I found myself so upset, I turned it off. It’s disappointing, because I think they are usually pretty mindful of their words and how they might impactContinue reading “Is Emotional Eating a Myth?”

The power to decide

I’m feeling ready to begin work towards bodybuilding-type goals again, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit conflicted. Can I add more intensity and/or volume to my training without overdoing it and triggering my PTSD? Can I work towards some fat loss in a healthy way that honors the lifeContinue reading “The power to decide”

To the New Year’s Resolutioner Looking to Change Their Body

Let me begin by saying that you are beautiful, valuable, and wonderful just as you are. Your body does not need to change to be good enough. You do not need to change your body to be good enough. You already are good enough. And I want to say that it’s ok and possible toContinue reading “To the New Year’s Resolutioner Looking to Change Their Body”

How much do genetics define our physique results and how much should we care?

At 16, I dreamt of becoming a geneticist–that or the lead singer/songwriter for a band. Genetics was a new and exciting scientific frontier (whereas my songwriting admittedly didn’t mesh with the then-current Pacific NW grunge scene). Back in the Nineties, we believed that we could unlock the genetic code of anyone and read each ofContinue reading “How much do genetics define our physique results and how much should we care?”

Healthy Diet Mindsets and Counting Macros

Is there a way to include calorie or macro counting without developing unhealthy, scarcity mindsets around food? I have a lot of respect for Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler at Stronger By Science, and I know that in their release of the Macro Factor app, they wanted it to be as ethical as possible. TheyContinue reading “Healthy Diet Mindsets and Counting Macros”

Moving towards a more compassionate lifting culture

I have this vision. I want to believe we can create a space that marries two worlds–on one side, the world of bodybuilding and strength training and on the other side, the compassionate, values-driven world of habit-based nutrition and wellness. Bodybuilding and strength training have so many wonderful things to give–empowerment through literal increases inContinue reading “Moving towards a more compassionate lifting culture”

The Importance of Inclusive Examples

How do I color like a 4-year-old? The question perplexed me. I was fourteen, working my first “real” job at a daycare center, and I’d been given the instruction that when I join them for creative tasks, I was to protect the children’s self-esteem by not working too far ahead of their abilities. So, asContinue reading “The Importance of Inclusive Examples”

Weekend Food Prep–Raspberry Streusel Coffeecake with Greek Yogurt

Yay for berry season! I’ve bragged before about how privileged I am for living in the part of the world where we can enjoy fresh, local berries for months out of the summer. This morning, some of those berries are being turned into this luscious breakfast, snack or dessert option. one. Preheat the oven toContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep–Raspberry Streusel Coffeecake with Greek Yogurt”

Sexism and the Right to Autonomy

Despair and overwhelm. As symptoms of my PTSD, I experience these emotions frequently. Despair connects with the part of myself that wants to fall into the collapse defense; overwhelm is a symptom of my primal desire for flight or to freeze. With known triggers and sometimes seemingly randomly, I am flooded with a sense toContinue reading “Sexism and the Right to Autonomy”