Sustainable Fat Loss and the Power of AND

Fad diets don’t work for most people long-term AND that doesn’t mean sustainable fat loss isn’t possible for many people AND just because it’s sometimes possible doesn’t mean everyone with some “extra” body fat should be bothering to try to lose it. ALL of these can be true at the same time. Fad diets, includingContinue reading “Sustainable Fat Loss and the Power of AND”

Weekend Food Prep–Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Bars

I love chocolate crinkle cookies, but all that refrigerating, shaping and rolling in powdered sugar makes a messy, time-consuming choice. Enter cookie bars–which save time by not having to shape each cookie or roll them in sugar and not needing to refrigerate the dough to make them easier to handle in the first place. IContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep–Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Bars”

Bulk, Cut or Recomp–What can a habit-based approach look like?

For those of us who want bigger muscles and to be lean enough to see them, it can feel like chasing a golden unicorn. Muscles build better when eating in a surplus, but eating in a surplus means putting on some fat, too. Eating closer to maintenance gives us the option of staying in aContinue reading “Bulk, Cut or Recomp–What can a habit-based approach look like?”

Is Emotional Eating a Myth?

This is the first time I’ve been triggered by an episode of the Maintenance Phase Podcast. But, after several over-generalizations, including about PTSD research ironically, or maybe pointedly, I found myself so upset, I turned it off. It’s disappointing, because I think they are usually pretty mindful of their words and how they might impactContinue reading “Is Emotional Eating a Myth?”

The power to decide

I’m feeling ready to begin work towards bodybuilding-type goals again, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit conflicted. Can I add more intensity and/or volume to my training without overdoing it and triggering my PTSD? Can I work towards some fat loss in a healthy way that honors the lifeContinue reading “The power to decide”

To the New Year’s Resolutioner Looking to Change Their Body

Let me begin by saying that you are beautiful, valuable, and wonderful just as you are. Your body does not need to change to be good enough. You do not need to change your body to be good enough. You already are good enough. And I want to say that it’s ok and possible toContinue reading “To the New Year’s Resolutioner Looking to Change Their Body”

Progressive Strength 2022 Top Ten

Here are the top 10 posts of 2022, based on readership: 1. The most-read post of 2022 was this post on privilege and the “hard work and consistency” narrative. It’s always important to consider that what we can accomplish is dependent upon our unique circumstances and abilities. 2. Only yesterday, I read a training programContinue reading “Progressive Strength 2022 Top Ten”

Working Out in My Winter Garage Gym (Feeling Boss on the Floor Press)

We are well-nearing the longest night of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is damn cold in the garage where I lift. Getting started at 6:15am, when it’s 34oF outside, the iron plates and bars are accurately conducting the absence of heat to my fingertips. I lay down on the concrete floorContinue reading “Working Out in My Winter Garage Gym (Feeling Boss on the Floor Press)”

How much do we have to lift to get bigger muscles?

So, you’ve decided you want to get swole, how much work do you need to put in to see results? It seems like the evidence-based fitness folk have come to a fairly strong consensus that optimal volume for building muscle mass is between 10-20 sets per muscle group. But how much time do you (andContinue reading “How much do we have to lift to get bigger muscles?”

Weekend Food Prep–Fiesta Egg Bake

I spent some formative years in the Midwest where anything with a TexMex sort of flavor was called “fiesta”-whatever, or more embarrassingly, ended with the phrase ¡Olé! (As in Taco Hotdish ¡Olé!) This breakfast egg bake brings me back to that time, with frozen veggies, canned tomatoes and only a hint of spice from theContinue reading “Weekend Food Prep–Fiesta Egg Bake”