What does a habits-based approach to physique change look like?

CW: Talk of fat loss and weight loss The most recent episode of Stronger by Science was all about evidence-based practices to create goals and to establish new, healthy habits. I thought it might be worthwhile and interesting to provide my own examples of these, not from a place of expertise but from a placeContinue reading “What does a habits-based approach to physique change look like?”

“113,000 Meatheads,” THE MUSCLE IQ TEST: Are You Smarter Than Average About Fitness? Jeff Nippard

If you want to take the quiz, it can be found at jeffnippard.com/muscleiq. I recommend giving it a go before watching the video. (Bonus, you get a code for 30% off programs for completing the quiz.) Am I smarter than average about fitness? I guess so. I scored a 77%, and apparently the average wasContinue reading ““113,000 Meatheads,” THE MUSCLE IQ TEST: Are You Smarter Than Average About Fitness? Jeff Nippard”

Fitting in my lifts with circuit training

Back in September, I wrote about reducing my lifting training to 4 45-minute sessions. Well, as is often the case, with the holidays approaching, my time is no more my own than it was earlier in the fall. It’s ok, though, even with my shortened workouts, I’m still making progress, and to paraphrase Greg Nuckols,Continue reading “Fitting in my lifts with circuit training”

Vote with Your Wallet–an Evidence-Based Gift Guide

I consume a lot of free content. Podcasts, blog posts, interviews, youtube videos–They’re a huge way I entertain myself, keep informed and feel connected to the world of lifting and fitness nutrition. And I want the folks I love and support to keep doing their thing. So, I vote with my wallet. When I needContinue reading “Vote with Your Wallet–an Evidence-Based Gift Guide”

Looking Forward to Squat Day

I noticed something wonderful this morning: I found myself looking forward to my squat workout. This has not typically been the case for me. I started training with a barbell a couple years ago and immediately showed some talent with deadlifts.(1) On the first day with a barbell, I repped deadlifts at twice the weightContinue reading “Looking Forward to Squat Day”

Making the Most of Minimal Training

A few weeks ago, I wrote about figuring out how much training we need to do in order to continue to progress. That post was focused on the theoretical boundaries of load and volume because the reality is how much we need to do and see progress will be different for each of us. However,Continue reading “Making the Most of Minimal Training”

How Much Effort is Necessary to Keep Making Progress?

I’m kinda shitty at following programming. Don’t get me wrong–I do my lifts. I’m “consistent,” if you define that as doing something most days I plan to do it. But I’m frequently changing up what’s on the page or deviating from it. Sometimes, it’s about honoring my energetic boundaries. Sometimes my mental health–managing depression, PTSDContinue reading “How Much Effort is Necessary to Keep Making Progress?”

Respecting Our Energetic Boundaries

I think most people who meet me think of me as an energetic, go-getter kind of person. And I can be. I can also be chronically exhausted and feel wrung out for weeks at a time. We all have energetic boundaries; there are times when we are able to push through the discomfort and getContinue reading “Respecting Our Energetic Boundaries”

Returning to Lifting After Hysterectomy

Last week, I shared what I’d learned about easing back into training after hysterectomy. This next post was written as a 10-week post-operative update on returning to lifting. It is now nearly 10 weeks after my complete, laparoscopic hysterectomy, and I figure it’s about time for an update on my progress! When I last wrote,Continue reading “Returning to Lifting After Hysterectomy”

“The body adapts” 3DMJ Podcast No. 181: How to Select Your Ideal Exercises

Wow! It’s hard for me to overstate how much I loved this episode with Jeff and Nick from the 3DMJ crew! Every time they said something and I found myself thinking, “what about X?” or “just like Y!” then they would go and make the point I had just been thinking. This episode is onContinue reading ““The body adapts” 3DMJ Podcast No. 181: How to Select Your Ideal Exercises”