Moving towards a more compassionate lifting culture

I have this vision. I want to believe we can create a space that marries two worlds–on one side, the world of bodybuilding and strength training and on the other side, the compassionate, values-driven world of habit-based nutrition and wellness. Bodybuilding and strength training have so many wonderful things to give–empowerment through literal increases inContinue reading “Moving towards a more compassionate lifting culture”

The Importance of Inclusive Examples

How do I color like a 4-year-old? The question perplexed me. I was fourteen, working my first “real” job at a daycare center, and I’d been given the instruction that when I join them for creative tasks, I was to protect the children’s self-esteem by not working too far ahead of their abilities. So, asContinue reading “The Importance of Inclusive Examples”

Never Stop Lifting: How to Use Progressions and Regressions to Make Any Program Work for You

Regressing lifts might be one of my superpowers. I’ve written many times about the numerous physical challenges I experience and have to work around in order to keep lifting part of my world. And when my body was bigger, and my fitness levels were nearly nonexistent, most strength training programming was way over my currentContinue reading “Never Stop Lifting: How to Use Progressions and Regressions to Make Any Program Work for You”

Lifting with My Inner Rebel

I’ve been trying something new with my training lately. Sometimes, when I’m not feeling inspired to do what I’ve planned to do, I’ve been ignoring my programming and doing whatever the fuck feels good. Not all of the time, not every workout, but when I want to do something but that little voice in myContinue reading “Lifting with My Inner Rebel”

YouTube Round-up, late February

Alan wants us (by which I think he means men and male-identified people) to avoid the allure of taking exogenous hormones and learn how to progress by improving our training. (Honestly, it’s super-funny, but the joke lands a bit flat for me as someone who isn’t in the primary population of potential steroid users.) TheContinue reading “YouTube Round-up, late February”

Returning to Training After Maybe COVID

To be honest, I’m struggling. I’ve got this overwhelming fatigue. Overwhelming, literally. I feel helpless to it. No amount of rest is enough, and I don’t have enough sick leave to stay at home ad infinitum. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Officially, I don’t have COVID. Or didn’t. I’ve tested negative several times, includingContinue reading “Returning to Training After Maybe COVID”

What does a habits-based approach to physique change look like?

CW: Talk of fat loss and weight loss The most recent episode of Stronger by Science was all about evidence-based practices to create goals and to establish new, healthy habits. I thought it might be worthwhile and interesting to provide my own examples of these, not from a place of expertise but from a placeContinue reading “What does a habits-based approach to physique change look like?”

“113,000 Meatheads,” THE MUSCLE IQ TEST: Are You Smarter Than Average About Fitness? Jeff Nippard

If you want to take the quiz, it can be found at I recommend giving it a go before watching the video. (Bonus, you get a code for 30% off programs for completing the quiz.) Am I smarter than average about fitness? I guess so. I scored a 77%, and apparently the average wasContinue reading ““113,000 Meatheads,” THE MUSCLE IQ TEST: Are You Smarter Than Average About Fitness? Jeff Nippard”

Fitting in my lifts with circuit training

Back in September, I wrote about reducing my lifting training to 4 45-minute sessions. Well, as is often the case, with the holidays approaching, my time is no more my own than it was earlier in the fall. It’s ok, though, even with my shortened workouts, I’m still making progress, and to paraphrase Greg Nuckols,Continue reading “Fitting in my lifts with circuit training”

Vote with Your Wallet–an Evidence-Based Gift Guide

I consume a lot of free content. Podcasts, blog posts, interviews, youtube videos–They’re a huge way I entertain myself, keep informed and feel connected to the world of lifting and fitness nutrition. And I want the folks I love and support to keep doing their thing. So, I vote with my wallet. When I needContinue reading “Vote with Your Wallet–an Evidence-Based Gift Guide”