Lifting with My Inner Rebel

I’ve been trying something new with my training lately. Sometimes, when I’m not feeling inspired to do what I’ve planned to do, I’ve been ignoring my programming and doing whatever the fuck feels good. Not all of the time, not every workout, but when I want to do something but that little voice in my head says “no, no, no!,” I do something else. I do what I want.

What does this look like? Some bodyweight squats, then some lateral squats. Throw a band around my knees and do some monster walks. Feeling warmed up, I do some dumbbell swings but then decide to move on to floor press. Maybe then I spend some time on Turkish Get Ups for a little while and practice getting up onto my elbow smoothly, listening to how that feels in my core. Get tired of that, and I do some one arm dumbbell snatches. I rotate from exercise to exercise based on what my body wants, what feels good in the moment, what I really want to do. Sometimes, I eventually get around to doing something I had planned–a few sets of squats or deadlifts or overhead press.

I find myself fucking around with different techniques. Can I set up my barbell to do a landmine row? How can I leverage my setup for a different kind of lat pulldown? What does it feel like to do supersets of barbell rows and floor press? Without the pressure of performance, I explore new possibilities in my training and expand my options.

As a result of taking time to play, I’m continuing to stay active even though sometimes I’m less inspired. I’m listening to my body and filling in some gaps in my training that otherwise might get skipped. I’m getting in some conditioning work while my running has admittedly come to a stall during the coldest, darkest months of the year. In short, I’m enjoying my training and I’m continuing to progress.

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