A Carnivore Diet Mash-up

Recently, the folks at Maintenance Phase and Iron Culture both did deep dives into Jordan Peterson and the so-called Carnivore diet. And while a person could listen to either conversation independently, I highly recommend you download all four hours from your platform of choice to get the full and glorious(1) picture of this latest versionContinue reading “A Carnivore Diet Mash-up”

“30 days to fatten you up,” Maintenance Phase, Supersize Me

Let’s start with a confession: until a few years ago, I showed Supersize Me in my health classes. I have a “student” version of the DVD, and I would show it in a Health and Nutrition elective class I taught. In my defense, I was finding myself more and more uncomfortable with the messaging implicitContinue reading ““30 days to fatten you up,” Maintenance Phase, Supersize Me”