Progressive Strength 2022 Top Ten

Here are the top 10 posts of 2022, based on readership:

1. The most-read post of 2022 was this post on privilege and the “hard work and consistency” narrative. It’s always important to consider that what we can accomplish is dependent upon our unique circumstances and abilities.

2. Only yesterday, I read a training program that gave a full paragraph explanation of expected progressions for men and failed to even mention women. . .

3. I’m interested in the nexus between what’s necessary to get results and what we can meaningfully commit to in daily life.

4. I was feeling pretty vulnerable when I wrote this post, watching other women in the online lifting space get treated so terribly and wondering what was in my future.

5. Still curious how many of us are using shame as our primary motivator and what our goals could look like if we could let it g0.

6. This post from years ago still gets lots of reads here and at my former blogging site, Fit is a Feminist Issue.

7. I began a new style of post with this one–putting together thoughts from multiple resources rather than smaller bites of conversation. Seems like we all appreciate it.

8. Being realistic and learning when I need to cut back or tow the line has become a theme of my lifting and my content.

9. It’s always an option to say “not now” to change.

10. I wonder how much autonomy we can build into lifting to make it more inclusive?

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